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4 Mirrorless Camera Samsung NX Series Smart

4 Mirrorless Camera Samsung NX Series Smart - Samsung NX is the name for a product made by Samsung mirrorless camera and the current segmentation of its products increasingly diverse and competitive, with a smart camera carries the tag line that relies on ease of use and sharing (smart auto, smart filter, WiFi, NFC). Smart auto mode itself is also unique because it is more complete and somewhat different than the scene modes on other cameras, such as the option of Beauty Face, Best Face, Rich Tone, Waterfall and Light Trace. Ease of sharing is also a characteristic of the cameras made by this mobile giant, which must have experience in making products that are connected. Each Samsung NX camera is also equipped with wireless features to Auto Sharing, send photos via email, Auto Backup, Remote View Finder Pro, Mobile Link, Group Share, Photo Beam and Baby Monitor. This is the latest product line Samsung NX cameras and their features. ( presented by bbmodifikasi.com )

4 Mirrorless Camera Samsung NX Series Smart

Samsung Nx1

Samsung finally makes Samsung Nx1 as the top series cameras have a shape similar to a DSLR camera, made to meet the desires of the photographer pro class oriented on quality and speed. Nx1 equipped with APS-C sensor with BSI-type CMOS 28 MP and is equipped with a 205 pixel phase detection auto focus for a fast, capable of firing up to 15 photos per second and 4K 24fps video recording. For convenience, the Samsung OLED viewfinder Nx1 gave 2.4 million dots, a small LCD window for reviewing the settings, three wheel control (not including control via i-fn button on the lens), an LCD touch screen that can be folded, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Samsung NX30

Samsung makes the Samsung NX30 (NX20 successor) which is designed like a DSLR camera but slightly smaller. The main characteristic of the NX30 is the electronic viewfinder (EVF) high resolution 2.4 million unique point because it can be folded so that it can be used to be seen from above. The main LCD 3-inch AMOLED is also foldable swivel hinge side, also using the touch screen. One of the useful features in this NX30 is a hybrid AF system where there are 105 pixels on the sensor phase detection auto focus so that the time can be combined with contrast detection focus on speed and accuracy.

Samsung NX30 camera is suitable for serious photography (enthusiast) because in addition to its complete, NX30 is also equipped with buttons that are quite complete, such as metering, AEL, exposure compensation, menus, function, AF, WB, and ISO. There is also a lever to choose a release mode, consisting of: single shooting, continuous shooting, self timer and auto bracketing.

Samsung NX300M

As a more compact version, Samsung also has NX300M which becomes another variant of NX300 (without code M) are equally advanced fill-compact segment, but differ in folding screen. So Samsung NX300M is a version of the folding screen with a size of 3.3 inches AMOLED, and of course the touch screen. You could say a lot of similarities between NX300M specifications with NX30, NX30 difference unless there is a viewfinder and built-in flash. The draw of NX300 / NX300M is a compact camera that is equipped with features hybrid AF, whereas hybrid AF system is typically found in camera that class of semi-pro.

Samsung Camera NX300M suitable for the search camera full featured, high performance but small enough as to traveling.

Samsung NX3000

Samsung NX2000 NX3000 be successor who now also adopted the trend is upward folding LCD screen that supports the hobby selfie lovers. Changes of NX2000 NX3000 to quite a lot, such as the design changed, now more impressed with the addition of a wheel retro camera mode. When the NX2000 use of cameras generally use the touch screen, then NX3000 no longer touch screen system but are given a variety of conventional buttons on the back. Auto focus is also quite fast though only rely on contrast detection system.

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The NX3000 camera is the first NX camera bundled with a power zoom lens kit 16-50mm f / 3.5-5.6 OIS small enough so that it appears commensurate with the body (although there is also a less expensive option but with 20-50mm kit lens). The camera is aimed at those looking for a small camera that is affordable, easy to use, good quality of the photos and has features quite complete (including WiFi and NFC) for the needs of everyday photography.

Samsung NX-mini (NXF1)

If you imagine a camera system (body and lens) made small so quick, the Samsung NX mini is a real example. With a size of 11 cm and 6 cm and 2 cm thick, difficult to find another camera that this petite. As the lens is also available fix tiny 9mm lens f / 3.5 or a zoom lens that is too small to mount NX-M is 9-27mm f / 3.5-5.6. NX-M lenses will experience a 2.7x crop factor so that a 9mm fixed lens will give the image area equivalent 24mm lens on a full frame camera, wide enough for a variety of needs.
Although petite, but the NX mini is equipped with WiFi and NFC features. The battery used is large enough so that this camera can shoot up to 500 photos on a single charge more. To attach the lens to the camera Samsung NX NX mini, provided a special adapter. Camera NX mini suitable for looking for a small camera that has the quality of the images are better than ordinary pocket camera, with the odds can change the lens for a variety of needs (while there are only three lenses NX-M, but the lenses Samsung NX others can be installed in NX mini with additional adapters).

Samsung NX Lens

Samsung continues to add product NX lenses of his. The hallmark of the lens is the latest Samsung has buttons IFN (i-Function). By pressing the i-Function button, we can access a variety of important functions and change the value by turning the focus ring on the lens. Functions that can be accessed depend on the mode the camera is active. For example, when using the P mode, the function of which can be accessed by IFN is a function of ISO, Exposure Compensation and WB. Some lenses Samsung has been using OIS to reduce vibration.


Harga Samsung seems quite ready to compete with other manufacturers in the arena mirrorless camera by filling the bottom segment, medium and semi-pro. As a mature brand in the world of smartphones, Samsung also characterize the smart camera products, such as equip each product with the wearer's WiFi features for ease of sharing. Menu interface in NX camera is also easy to understand and arranged neatly, much like the interface on mobile phones.

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