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Review Performance Camera of Sony Xperia Z1

Review Performance Camera of Sony Xperia Z1 - Today almost every photograph created using mobile phones because of its practicality and quality are improved. ( Aplikasi AlQuran android ) This time I would like to review some of the Sony Xperia Z1 that I never try and use. Xperia Z1 is a top-class phone that has a camera and lens module is excellent in its class. Its main rival is the Apple iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 1020.

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Compared to the size of the image sensor, Z1 is in the middle, which is 1 / 2:33 inch, 1/3 inch than the iPhone and Nokia's 1 / 1.2 inch. Size image sensors Z1 is on par with most compact cameras / pocket. The lens used is open G lens f / 2. With that combination on paper, the picture quality will exceed the quality of compact cameras in general.

Aplikasi Al Quran Android - As a top class mobile phone cameras, Z1 provides manual exposure settings (although limited -2 to +2), WB, self-timer, HDR, panorama, flash, ISO, metering, etc. like a sophisticated camera. There is no setting aperture and shutter speed. Usually Z1 will use aperture f / 2 and shutter speed will adjust according to lighting conditions.

For bright light conditions, no significant problems for Sony Xperia Z1, the biggest problem I feel is the LCD screen is not so clear because of the reflection of sunlight. if the picture quality is very good relative to compact cameras in general. In addition, for the light conditions are not so good, for example indoor, provided it is not too dark, the image quality is still good enough for the lens being used open large f / 2. noise also tolerant although I could still achieve ISO 1000. With a bit of noise reduction (NR) in lightroom, I can smooth out noise annoying.

Advantages for photography
  • Details of this 20MP camera captured sharp and clear.
  • Contrast is not too high so that the detail in the shadow areas are not too bright and simplify the current   process images
  • There is a shutter button though small
  • Modules / camera app is simple, easy to understand and quite complete
  • Waterproof, even for a dive in the pool. Not withstanding sea water).
  • Autofocus in the dark when the light is difficult, for example when the sunset at night
  • The LCD screen is not too bright, so a bit difficult when shooting outdoors when sunlight conditions scorching-hot
  • The impact of exposure / dark light is confined in the -2 to +2. Ideally -5 s / d +5
  • Rubber to cover the connector easily dislodged.
  • The front camera lens aperture is only f / 2.8 and 2MP. The quality is much different from the rear camera.

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